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Tick, tock...
goes the clock
every day,
every night.

Tick, tock...
goes the clock
every moment,
every place

Tick, tock...
goes the clock
it's everywhere,
I can't escape

Tick, tock...
goes the clock
a never ending symphony
why can't it ever leave me be?

Tick, tock...
goes the clock
in the back of my mind,
even if my ears cannot hear it

Tick, tock...
goes the clock
there is no place here,
that the ticking does not haunt me

The agonizing stress,
that SOUND.
it makes me a mess,
when will quiet be found?

Not even away...
out there,
it's always at play

try to break them away,
remove the battery..
but there are too many, the ticks and tocks won't sway
the stress they cause is too much to carry

and so...the panic arises
a mess left to be messier,
but still...the faint..
Tick, tock...
of the clock.
Well look at that...poetry! How long's it been ol..acquaintance of mine? l'D haha it's been ages since I've written anything poetry related really...

eh. this is rather poorly worded likely, but it is free verse..

Regardless, explanation.

You see...I have a very large stress of the sound of clocks ticking. It implies time limits, hurried expectations, among other things.

This, is not a good thing to have when living with an avid collector of clocks...quite literally, in the room I live next to are over thirty clocks. Each and every one of them ticking and tocking, day in, day out. And that is only one room. I can go nowhere in this place without meeting another face of a clock, another producer of that sound. I block them out as best I can, but I can still hear them in every moment of silence. It does get to me, and throws me into either fits of depression or panic attacks. Or well, a strange mix. I have appealed for these to be displayed without the ticking...batteries removed, the clocks themselves are alright, it's..just the blasted ticking. Such asking only gets me yelled at or otherwise disregarded, even if on the very verge of panicking.

but eh..enough on that...I felt like I should take up writing to express myself again, as I couldn't quite push myself toward the pencil today, as much as I wanted to at the time ^^"

Hope it was something relatable..?
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August 4, 2012
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